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Social Activities


We have a programme of regular activities at Lostock Lodge designed to entertain, stimulate and promote a sense of belonging - of being part of a family. We seek the views of our residents when planning activities and take into account their preferences wherever possible. We have a non-profit tuckshop trolley that is taken around the home each day, and many residents enjoy the simple experience of shopping even on this small scale. We also invite external vendors to hold clothing and cosmetics events in the home.


For those with dementia, suitable activities can be of great benefit: they can help the individual retain their faculties, preserve their sense of identity, and alleviate the stresses and boredom that can result from having dementia.


Planned activities are posted on our noticeboard. A selection from our recent programmes includes:



Where appropriate we also involve residents where they wish to help with daily tasks, such as setting tables or folding laundry. This helps our residents to feel that Lostock Lodge is their home, that they belong here, and that their views and preferences are listened to (all of which are true).

We are always open to suggestions for new things to do or places to visit.

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