Photo of resident bedroom

A resident's room 

Photo of level-access shower

One of our level-access showers 

Dementia Care


With dementia becoming more and more common, the public's awareness is gradually improving, though many still regard it as some kind of disease rather than the disability that it is.


This distinction is important because people with dementia have equal rights in life in the same way as those with other physical and mental disabilities. And the way to respect our clients is to see the whole person, rather than a collection of symptoms, and to place the individual at the centre of their care planning.


We know that experiencing dementia - either directly or by seeing its effects on a relative or friend - can be bewildering, frightening and even traumatic; but we can help the resident, as well as their friends and family, to adjust to the changes dementia brings about.

Once we accept these changes we find we can get to know the person in new ways, and build a whole new relationship.


Our carers will tell you that this process can be very rewarding.



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