How to Report a Lateral Flow Test result

First, note that test kits can be obtained free of charge from a chemist, or can be ordered online from here.

Instructions on how to administer the test are included with the kit.

Having taken a test, you need to report the result to

You will need a mobile phone number to receive a text confirmation of the result, and the ID number printed on the test strip (the part of the kit that shows your result). (A QR code is a square-shaped pattern of blocks).

On the above web page click Start Now.

Click Continue Without an Account, then Continue.

On the next page you would normally click Myself, then Continue.

Next page click England, then Continue.

Next page: Did you take this test for your job – click No, then Continue.

On the next page, Tell us why you took this test, click Another Reason, then Continue.

Next page, click Another Reason again, then Continue.

On the next page, select the correct date, then Continue.

On the next page, type in the test ID number. Clicking the link What does a test strip ID look like will help you find it.

Once you have entered the ID number, click Continue.

The next page will take your personal details and phone number. Enter these and complete the process.

Thank you!