Residential care

Lostock Lodge has been offering quality residential care to residents of south Preston and Leyland since 1988. We adopt a person-centred approach to care, taking the time to get to know our residents, listen to their stories and understand their likes and dislikes. This helps ensure our residents are well looked after, happy and content.

Each resident has an individually tailored plan of care that is discussed and agreed with them – or their close relatives. These plans are reviewed at least monthly to take into account changes in need over time. Our person-centred care plans are detailed and not only document medical needs, but provide a full picture of the individual and their preferences, from food and drink to music, radio and television programmes, as well as when they like to rise and go to bed, and their favourite activities. We also ask families to help us complete a full picture of the person (‘This is Me’) with information on their past working lives, families and perhaps military service.

Residents are encouraged to decorate their room with small items of their own furniture and treasured belongings so it feels like home.

Lostock Lodge prides itself on its catering. Our chefs devise appealing, nutritionally balanced menus featuring a range of home-cooked dishes to tempt any palate, with fresh produce supplied by local butchers and greengrocers. Individual preferences, tastes and cultural requirements are taken into account and we ensure that the food served to our residents caters for their changing needs, including specially designed crockery and cutlery to make mealtimes easier. And if a resident fancies something that is not on the menu, we are always happy to source alternatives

Dementia care

Your loved one’s health and wellbeing is our priority. We are supported by a team of healthcare professionals including GPs, district nurses, mental health assessors and social workers. These professionals make regular scheduled visits, and of course urgent appointments can be arranged on the day if needed. We also have a visiting chiropodist.

We know that experiencing dementia – either directly or by seeing its effects on a relative or friend – can be bewildering, frightening and traumatic. We therefore work hard to find ways of interacting with our dementia residents that will stimulate them and keep them mentally active.

This includes engaging them in conversation, or with music, or perhaps with games, and we encourage them to talk about their past, which helps them to retain a sense of identity as well as independence and choice.

We are also here for you, their family. Our caring team are here to offer advice on ways of coping as your love one’s needs change, as well as providing a listening ear.